Merry Christmas

From our house to yours…

Merry Christmas

There is a place in Christ, where the troubled earth, slips from view as His peace brings a renewed vision of the victory He has provided. He is Lord, not by the might of armed conquest but by His love. He came to us as a baby, ready to experience life as we know it, yet, points us to the cross and the resurrection, in which He is triumphant over the limited existence we call life – as we know it.

There is a place in Him, as He knows it, where we find that sense of transcendent victory, finally understand the glory of His purpose and the wonders of His grace. In Him we stand complete. In Him we triumph over death, hell and the grace. In Him, is the wonder of Christmas – the celebration of His great grace toward us! Rejoice!

His grace is greater than the difficulties you face. Rejoice! His purposes for you are already provided – In His Grace!

We celebrate His birth, but more! We celebrate His victory over sin, the fall and the captivity of our humanity. We celebrate becoming more than we were by natural birth – for we are in Him!

And that says it all!

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,

That saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost, but now I’m found,

Was blind but now I see!

May you enjoy a great Christmas season and find the New Year opening to you, vistas of possibilities – Already provided! Already gifted to you! Yours to walk into!

Pastor Dave & Linda Fritsche