The Earth is the Lord’s…

The Earth is the Lord’s…

Psalm 24:1 The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;

One of the great theological concepts of all time is this simple fact: The earth is the Lord’s. He made it. It is an extension of His person, plan and power. And, He has no intention of discarding it, or abandoning it to the enemy. That is the bottom line truth of the earth and of creation. God created it all for a purpose and that purpose will be realized. There is no debate and no alternative outcome.

Yet, man’s stewardship of the planet might be troubled and man’s administration suspect. Human history is one of mankind marching through time, stopping periodically to become slaves to the bullies of the world and wandering away from the very resource that would keep us moving in a straight line of ruling. Yes, God placed us here to partner with Him as kings of the earth under the King of all kings. Our destiny is as certain as that of the earth, but it has taken a lot of years to come to where we are today.

We should, by now, understand our finiteness and be drawing on the Creator God for His infinite mind. We should have discovered that we do not know, and may never comprehend all of the facets of the unknowable God. He is too large for human comprehension, but not distant from our grasp. He makes Himself available and knowable within our limitations, if we follow Him and pay attention.

B y now we should know that the bondages that we wrestle with are bondages that we have permitted, either by our failure or simply because of our ignorance. We should know that by surrendering ourselves to the enemy and his promises, we also surrender those principles that would make us free and keep us empowered to minister the personality of the Creator. We still keep going back to Egypt for the security of those who promise to take care of us, when we should stand as kings on the earth.

It may even appear that we are a lost cause, yet that is far from the purpose of God. The loss we experience has little to do with the reality of our position. It only has to do with the illusions of powerlessness that we allow to be imposed over us. Our political leaders seem to think that only they are wise enough to tell us how to live and how to conduct our lives. The media bombards us with silly and inane sound bites, luring us into the world of promises and leaving us broke in the exchange. How easily we accept the promises of the elite to solve the problems that in reality, only we can solve.

Somewhere, a step or two into the future, there is a generation that will stop living in fear, stop cowering in insignificance, cease the insecurity of Adam’s fall and seize upon the promise given to us in redemption – that we should be seated with Him in heavenly places, making our enemies our footstool, and bringing every point of the fall under the banned of the cross. This is not a fairy tale from Grimm, but the sure and certain promise of He who rules all things.

Then why doesn’t He just do it? Well, He did, on the cross. What remains is for His body the church to step into their place and recognize their position and walk as kings. I have to admit, I am learning daily what that means. I am not sure at times just where I should stand when in the company of the powers of this present world, and knowing that they are but unwitting pawns of a greater evil spiritual reality. But occasionally, I can see through the curtain of my blindness and discover a new area of freedom in Him.

So, come, let’s walk together in the confidence of the King of Kings and learn on our journey, how to become what we already are!

Pastor Dave