The Hijacking of Marriage

Silhouettes of Three CrossesSomewhere, we slipped through the cracks, not that we did not see it coming. The church is not only under attack, it is being totally ignored. We hold the high and noble stature of ‘insignificance’ in our world and in our nation.

From the beginning of time, marriage was administered, defined and recorded by the religious systems of every land in history. Various religions had some differences in the definition, form and support systems, but they were few and insignificant, by today’s standards. ‘Marriage’ belonged to the church.

All that has changed, incrementally and certainly, to tip Western Civilization back to the time of Sodom and Gomorrah. There is no definition left, and there are no rules as to what is the base line of ethical and moral heritage that was a time honored monument in the church. So, the church has vacated the issue and the state rules, yet once again!

There are two forces at work that concern me.

One is the state with its gobbling up of territory and its incessant need to define all the details of life. Whether it is healthcare’s demanding that religious organizations support abortion and the means to implement it, or the states taking over the defining of marriage, the state has become the enemy of the church by ignoring, pushing the church into insignificance and by outright confronting the moral and ethical issues we espouse.

Church SIgnThe second thing that concerns me is the church itself. How did we allow this? Yes, you heard me right! We allowed this. We have become so enamored by the power of the state that we have presumed that all power comes from and through the state. Not so! NOT SO AT ALL!!! All power is still held by the Creator God, and administered through His church. Simple premise – simple, but forgotten. We have abrogated our power, allowed the intrusion of the state and have lost control of our own destiny.

The original constitution, before the drafting of the one we now have, started by swearing allegiance to God as the ruler of the universe. But, possibly because it was offensive, it was changed and left out. Our Founding Fathers did hold personal allegiance to God as Sovereign, and it is reflected in the writings of those men of faith. But the seed of separation was there and it slowly but surely grew into a crop of monumental proportions. The separation clause, as it is so called, provides that the state shall make no laws regarding the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof. The problem is not only that the state has not kept that promise, but that we have not exercised our right to be independent of state rule in the affairs of the church.

ChoiceSo, now we have a choice. Do we once again, work to be heard by the state, while knowing that it has already turned a deaf ear, or do we go back to our roots and the roots of the nation in which we have existed and refuse to accept the intrusion into the church and those matters that are traditionally and Biblically ours to administer? That choice is now being forced upon us, and I suspect that it is a good thing.

So what do you do when the power of the state demands your tax that is used for contraceptive and the killing of the unborn? Do you pay it and hope the problem will go away? Do you simple work for a shift back from the authoritarian slide we have been experiencing? Do you finally draw that line in the sand that says, “NO! I will not submit to the tyranny that has usurped our right to self-government of the church?”

What do you do when the man and his donkey ask you to bake a wedding cake for them and remind you that they have the right given by the state and you have to comply? What do you do when the man calls and says he is marring his donkey, and you, as a minister, must officiate because the state says so? What do you do?

We have come to the line in the sand. To obey the rule of law has become an offense to God and to His church. The church has a decision to make and the time for that decision is now! Compliance or rebellion? The choice is not an option. The direction is!

Pastor Dave





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