Something Good is About to Happen!

 Job 34:13 – Who appointed him over the earth? Who put him in charge of the whole world? 14 – If it were his intention and he withdrew his spirit and breath, 15 – all humanity would perish together and mankind would return to the dust.

Earth in HandsThere was a heaviness in my spirit last night and I was drawn to a thought: If I were the Creator, how would I feel about what my creation has become? How would I fell about the leaders on this planet and their sense of my objectives and plans for this creation?

Job makes a profound observation when he argues that no one has appointed God to be over the earth and no one influenced His intentions toward it. God is not dependent on us, but we are certainly dependent on Him. He is, as Job describes – in charge!

Yet in the wisdom of His manifest will, He placed creation in the hands of the created itself, humankind. He has a purpose for us and it is a wonderful purpose. Yet the history of mankind is that we are continually going astray, fabricating social systems that are contrary to God’s purpose and dismissing God as an afterthought of delusional religious fanatics.

God's WorldI suppose it is the prerogative of old men to remember the good things of the past and to be critical of the evils of the present. Yes, I am aware that there has always been evil in our world and that there is much good alive and well in the present. Yet I do not think that any serious student of history, or of social norms would argue that the world of today is the same as the world of the past. It is, in many ways, simply different. We have gained much in the knowledge of our world, in the sciences, in technology and in the understanding of matter. Yet, it is equally an inescapable fact that we have, to a large degree, lost our sense of honor, ethics, truthfulness and morality. We have made great progress only to find that we are not better people because of it.

So, last night I asked myself what I would think of my creation if I were the creator and a deep sense of sadness swept over me. It is not just that we have lost our sense of values and morals, but that, in the process, our leaders have been leaderless in setting any parameters for human behavior, have patronized the growth of evil in the name of equality, fairness and compassion. What ever happened to sin?

The floodgate of evil has so entangled our modern thinking that we see Christian values as a rigid extreme to be castigated and ignored. We think nothing of the thousands of unborn who are killed each year on the altar of freedom of choice, nor of the sanctity of marriage and… Shall we go on?

j0435912And, as I considered the state of humanity and the problems we are walking through, I became angry at the leaders who pander to supposed power bases, plan strategies for continuing their power and who do not know themselves any longer what the truth is and where is the moral high ground. They have turned the opportunity to serve God and the people upside down in self-service and personal power. If I were a political leader in our world today, I think I might run to the nearest cave to hide from the Creator. He cannot be happy with what we have done to His creation – the human race.

The next thought I had was less of judgment and more of hope. God is in charge and He has not relinquished His ultimate claim on the planet. He will deal with our straying from the plan. He will deal with it, for He is Lord of all things and His purpose and plan is not up for negotiations.

With that thought in mind, I began to sing and praise God for, something is about to change. God will not set idly by and allow the continued drift of His people away from their destiny. He is certainly aware of our changing profile, but there is one inalterable fact that we seem to forget in our wandering: HE DOES NOT CHANGE!

I have no idea what the future details for our world are going to be, but I am assured that God is up to something and it is good and it is big. If I were a prophet, I might shout out this message:

Get ready for change. God is going to fulfill His destiny through those who will walk in His ways. Some leader will fall as others rise with righteousness as their guard. The slow drift to destruction will not be allowed by the Ruler of the Universe. He has a vested interest, and that interest is in us!

Pastor Dave