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Fly or Die

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It had been a long and hot morning and I needed food. I stopped at a fast food spot, grabbed a sandwich and drink and drove to a nearby park. 

I sat on a bench and ate, but my focus turned to a bee that was standing on a small rock, flapping its wings but seemed to fail in its attempts to fly. He struggled, but could not launch himself into the air. Soon, he stopped trying, fell over and died.

As I sat there contemplating the nature of this creature and his tragic end, a little voice inside my head spoke to me - "You either fly or die. This is a universal principle."

I did not finish my sandwich, as tears filled my eyes. I knew quite well what this was about. I had desired ministry all of my life, but had found barriers in my way at every step. My life had become about the barriers, rather than the goal. It was time to refocus, time to restart, time to fly.

This page is dedicated to Inspiration - To inspire the user to fly, to try, to rise up on eagle wings to the call God has given!


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