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God Did Not Ask!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

He is the Lord of Glory, the Creator of All Things, the Great 'I AM"


Exodus 3:14 - God said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you.’”

As we approach the celebration of Easter 2014, I invite you to take a trip with me back in history. We will go back before the founding of this great nation, America, back before there were inhabitants on this continent. We will go back before Noah and the Arc, before Adam and Eve in the Garden, back to a point where creation as we know it did not yet exist.

There, before all things is God! He exists. He is, yet He has not yet created the universe of the physical dimension. As far as the material universe is concerned nothing yet exists, except in His mind. He is free to create in simplicity or great complexity, or to not create at all. He may do as He pleases, for He is God.

There is no Supreme Court to judge His actions or to correct His inaction. There is no United Nations to lobby for world domination or to stipulate what is the rule of law for the world. There are no human organizations, councils or counselors. No one is there to influence Him or to guide Him or to exert their authority. He does as He pleases, for He is God.

There is no time, for the dimension of time exists only in the physical and material arena. There is no schedule or no vacuum of authority to fill. There is nothing that foresees, forestalls or demands. There is nothing of existence as we know it, except the “I AM!”

Then in an instant, out of nothing, creation begins. We still conjecture as to when, but we cannot know for certain. In the moment of beginning, shapes, sounds, materials, all take form and are ushered into existence. The reality of the physical and material universe as we know it takes the shape determined by God alone. He does not ask for counsel, for He is God. He does not consult with engineers or scientists, politicians or preachers. He does as He pleases, for He is God.

He did not ask Adam and Eve what they needed, for He created the needs and the supply for them, because He is God. He did not ask for permission to make humankind as He did, for He is God. He did not ask for counsel in bringing Israel out of Egypt, for he is the Great I AM!

Walk from that point of beginning with me through the annals of human history. At what point does God ask for permission, or determine His will based on anything other than His own creative mind? No, He is not confined to any course of action, determination or permission. He is the Great I AM, and there is nothing outside of His determination. That is the nature of God. He is inexplicable, all powerful, and exists above and beyond the creation that He expresses.

  • He did not ask Noah if He could send the flood, because He is God.

  • He did not ask the Pharisees if He could be born in human form and go to the cross for our redemption, because he is God.

  • He did not gain permission from the King of England to bless America, because He is God.

  • He did not ask the Supreme Court for permission to sanctify life, because He is God.

  • He did not ask President Obama for permission to bless His people or to give humanity freedom, because He is God.

There is often a disconnect between people who have power and the creator. Those who accumulate power tend to feel as though they have the right to make determinations for the people they rule as though they know best and are all knowing. But they do so to their own demise, for God does not share His position with anyone, because He is God. He will rule creation as He has made it to be and anything that stands between His purpose and His people, will ultimately be ground to powder.

He is the Great I AM, He is the ruler of the universe. He is!

Little more can be said of He who is, yet everything can be ascribed to Him. He still walks among us and speaks to us and calls us upward into His presence. He is the Beginning and the End… He is God!

Our limited finite minds cannot grasp the wonder of all that He is, nor can we comprehend the vastness of His existence. What we had better do, is walk in His ways and be responsive to His will. Anything less is self-destructive.

As we celebrate the resurrection of the Savior on this Easter season, let us stand in awe of the God who is in control of all things. He is not finished with us yet. He has not abandon us to the rule of tyrants, the misguided purposes of egomaniacs or to the deranged mind of those who stand in His way. He does all thing well, for He is God!

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