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Here is what God says about you!

You are not in Egypt any longer!

Getting Egypt out of you!

Who is Jesus?

Discovering the reality of our Lord!

Wearing Scars!

Sometimes, pain bears fruit!

Transforming the world...

The importance of mission...

Transcending the Natural

Changing our view - Changing our reality!

Thou shalt not judge...

The meaning of the command!

Learning beyond the classroom!

The  power of grace...

His grace is sufficient!

The New Sin...

When legalism rules...

The Need to be Right!!!

Can I help it if I am right?

The greatest story ever told!

The power of the story...

The Fullness of Grace

It is either by Grace or it is not!

Strength in Weakness

These works shall you do and greater...

Discernment of the spirits of the world.

The Anatomy of Hate

Blessed are you when you are hated for my sake!

Strength in Weakness

When I am weak, then is He strong.

The jewel of the New Testament!

Using the communication media of today,

to gather around the unchangeable nature of God!

Trpical Beach


Touching the Invisible
On Eagles Wings
Dr. David Fritsche
Jack Dunigan
Dr. Voddie Baucham
Challenging Assumptions
Dr. Lynn Hiles
Special Guests
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